Preliminaries Practice

At this stage you have a level of comfort with the translation of standard chord symbols into anchored intervals, you've used the application to train this and you're able to read through changes at slow to medium tempos and be able to keep up.

You're able to move vertically on the fretboard with ease while still knowing exactly what ai you're playing at any moment in time, additionally horizontal distances of 1 or 2 are easy for you and you're now able to consider distances up to 3 and even 4 on occasion, this allows you to play more polyphonically with usually being able to get 3 notes per chord. You should be able to comp along with a blues in any key at a slow to medium tempo.

You're also now able to understand ideas that others present in the standard notation system and can convert some of your own into the standard system as well. At this point you should be able to identify what key something is in by it's key signature, or by listening and using your instrument.