What to do if you get stuck

When you're learning this system, I'm sure at some point you will come across something which doesn't click straight away or that will be difficult for you to learn.


When you encounter this type of situation I recommend you go back to the basics, and try to rebuild your understanding from there until you get back to where you were. This will work most of the time because this system has been built in this way so that you can synthesize most of the information you need from a small collection of memorized information.


If you're still stuck, then I would recommend falling back on other people who have already taken the time to understand the system, who can give you new perspectives on the concept to help you understand. I recommend connecting on discord and asking your questions there.

One on one

The fastest way to learn this system is to have one on one help you learn the concepts, the following people are available to teach one on one: