Beginner Practice

As a beginner your main goal is to increase your confidence level behind what you play. I recall that when I was just starting I always wavered before playing a note as much of the time I didn't even know what note I was playing and was mainly going based off my ear.

In learning this method it is not to stop you from using your ear, but to accompany it's intuition with logic as well. As you practice you should say out loud what the anchored interval before you play a note, and when you get fast enough internalize this voice so that you are aware of what you play, by doing this you'll gain confidence and teach yourself many things that cannot be explained solely through text or video, as you develop relationships with certain sounds while still being able to tie them down using anchored intervals.

You should also be learning how to convert chord symbols into anchored intervals as well as just single notes, to this end you can use the training application as well as using it for practical applications like backing tracks or songs.

In terms of the fretboard you should be comfortable with horizontal movement with distances of 1 and 2, and be able to play scales with confidence on the fretboard without worrying about the speed you are able to do it at.

You should also be listening to songs you enjoy with your instrument and try and guess at what the underlying structure is, asking questions like, "Is this song in a major key, or a minor key" or "What is the main note being used in this song".