Visualizing the Fretboard

All along we've been keeping track of the ais that we're currently playing on the fretboard, we also know how vertical and horizontal movement affect these ais, since we have all this information we can start to think about the fretboard in our mind without even having a guitar.

Being able to do this visualization is really useful since it means that you are never really away from the guitar. Also you only need to know a small amount of information to start visualizing.

What you should do is explore the fretboard considering collections of ais as you go and thinking about possible chords that could work, or lines that could work as well.

Practicing in your head like this is useful as well since you're not being physically limited by what your hands can do.

When you just start visualizing it will be like you're in a cave and you light a match, that being that you can only see around yourself but nothing to much further, as you master horizontal movement, you're holding a torch which shows you pathways easier, the more you play and visualize the more you can see.

You should also observe the fretboard completely lit up and understand why the numbers are where they are:

Note: the 0 is placed randomly as it's an anchor interval an it's location is dependent on what the anchor note is. Assuming the leftmost column is the nut, that would mean our anchor note is 4*.