Advanced Practice

Now that you've been doing this for a while, translation of chords from the standard system into anchored intervals is simple, and you're able to add alterations to chords or modify them after the translation. You can take a chart that you've never practiced before and be able to translate it at the tempo it is written at.

You have mastered horizontal movement on the fretboard, and the process using a horizontal shift and a vertical correction has turned into a diagonal understanding as well. You also are able to use open strings in your improvisation and can keep at least one not in the bass, mid and high registers during your improvisation.

You are able to listen to music and determine the underlying ai structure without use of your instrument, and play along with almost any song you hear.

You also are no longer afraid of playing with others and can jam with people who are above and below your skill level.

You can now also come up with your own chord progressions and play in a solo fashion where you can play for as long as you want and keep things interesting.

You can read sheet music in standard notation and convert the notes on the fly to anchored intervals.